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For homeowners looking for a flooring option that is gorgeous, sustainable, and easy to maintain, the choice is hardwood flooring. Make sure that your hardwood flooring installation is handled by certified installation experts.

Installing a hardwood floor quickly and efficiently takes years of experience – something our team has a lot of, collectively over 15 years. We’ll start by examining your current floor and removing any carpet, tile, or flooring. Then we’ll prep the sub-floor to make sure it’s even and solid. After installing the underlay, we will provide skilled hardwood flooring installation in the way that best fits your home, from glue or nail-down installation to floating click installation. In addition, you can ask us about our finishing services to make your floor look absolutely stunning.

Only the Best for Your Home!

Our highly qualified and experienced team ensures that your floor will a last long time.

We won’t rush the process – we care about your floor as much as you do and will make sure it’s done in the right way. We demand the same quality, professionalism, and skill from our workers as you will. Rest assured you’ll be receiving only first-rate service.

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    772-341-5512 | ryanllixie@gmail.com

    Licensed Bonded and Insured